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Case Study

Heres one example of our work with an International school - helping them through some major organisational changes...

Edmund Maher

Director of DYP International school - formerly known as Antwerp British School (ABS)

​​" Dr. Dissanayake (Oxford Psychometrics) joined ABS at a difficult time, in the midst of the economic crisis. During the 2 years that she has partnered us the school enrolment has increased by 5%, in comparison with an average of 13% reduction in competitor schools, we have had the  best  academic  results  in  the  school’s  history,  have run substantial budget surpluses, staff morale has improved and all staff have successfully participated in the new professional development system."


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"In November of 2013 we had an accreditation visit by the Council of International Schools (CIS). CIS helps schools on their journey to excellence in international education, based on quality standards. In this visit the positive results of your work were recognized and affirmed yet again. In particular, of the major commendations, CIS affirmed:


 “The resilience and professionalism of the entire faculty” 


Without your contribution we would not have achieved such an excellent outcome. 


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