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Law Enforcement

"Chintha Dissanayake has brought her expertise to numerous projects in collaboration with us at Prompt UK Ltd. Her ability to provide robust and persuasive insight into the strategies available for both the selection and development of personnel, especially in critical law enforcement occupations is second to none. Many of our projects require special consideration with regard to ethics and integrity, where Chintha has been an invaluable source of knowledge and professional support. She is an immensely talented and articulate Psychologist with an ability to think outside of any box, whilst delivering upon all of our objectives in a timely and highly professional manner"

Dr Rogers
Prompt UK Ltd
Edmond Maher


Whilst we have thanked you already for the positive impact of your programme, we believe it is timely to thank you, yet again, as its impact continues.

In 2010, with your help, we had set out to build a more resilient, professional and team based culture, lifting ethos and climate. Data gathered throughout the 18-month process evidenced substantial improvement.

In November of 2013 we had an accreditation visit by the Council of International Schools (CIS). CIS helps schools on their journey to excellence in international education, based on quality standards.

In this visit the positive results of your work were recognized and affirmed yet again. 

So once again Chintha, thank you. Without your contribution we would not have

achieved such an excellent outcome.  (2014)

International - Banking & Accountancy

Empowerment and Profitability


November 2014.

British Government
Dr. Maxwell
Lead Client Partner
Cabinet Office

"Thank you for the seminar, I enjoyed it, what made it alive was the real-life experiment.  It consolidated my understanding that money is not a motivator and the transformational leader characteristics are paramount if a progressive, forward thinking and moving company is wanted. I did not know that Sri Lanka is between Hong Kong and Singapore in terms of innovation, its intriguing to see how this does not translate into the frontline, very encouraging to know there is definitely more room for maneuver"  Natasha Bergenvik, Bergenvik Holdings Limited. HongKong.


                                 "..the program made a lot of connections from our context; made a lot of sense when it came to the bank’s vision and expectations. made it very clear to the audience  the mistakes organizations make for not considering coaching and understanding its benefits. Your explanation with regards to the approach and how it’s should be managed was very helpful".   Elmo Francis, Amana Bank - Training & Development 




                "It was indeed a great pleasure to be a part of the session at ICASL, and thank you for the insights shared which were very interesting, .. the session was  informative, practical and  simple to understand.  It was inspiring to listen to you as I have always had an interest in human psychology at work" Salome Seneratne, HR Director, The Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo

I worked closely with Chintha for one year, as she offered psychometric and development expertise to my tailored leadership programmes for senior staff, which consisted of designing bespoke personal development plans, comprising of support and coaching for individual career development needs.

I found her style of working collaborative and cooperative.  We established an excellent working relationship based on honesty, trust and open communication.

My clients were high profile, high performers working under intense pressure within tight time scales and their feed-back was very positive.  The coaching and development guidance they received from Chintha led to greater personal awareness and contributed positively in guiding their career aspirations. 

At a Professional level, I found Chintha well informed.  She consistently provided positive counsel as she combined a high level of expertise with sensitivity.

At a personal level, she consistently blended exceptional communication skills with sound principles and empathy.

I look forward to working with her again in the future. (2006)

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