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Dilum G.    2016

Permanent Delegation of Sri Lanka to UNESCO

( Paris)

Dr Chintha Dissanayake for me can not be described in few words. She helped me to develop my inner skills, understand my personality and build upon my strength to reach the success I have achieved so far in my professional field and in my personal life. I am a self confident, happy, strong woman today thanks to her guidance. She continues to encourage me to stretch and reach out to follow my dreams. "Some people dream of success, we help make it happen" (quote from Oxford Psychometrics). 

Sharon   2016

Senior Leadership Team



I would like to thank Oxford Psychometrics for the work that we have done together so far, as part of the wider Talent Development & Mobilisation programme. I have personally learned so much and this has enabled me to look closely at both my personal and professional life and evaluate what my next steps will be. 

The work that we did has had a big impact on what I feel that I can achieve. Understanding at a deeper level has enabled me to work more productively with colleagues.

 More importantly I think that our work together has helped me  appreciate what I truly value in my life. These things can so easily get lost in the hustle and bustle of the working week and we lose sight of the most significant things that impact fulfillment both at work and in life.  There are so many things that I would like to achieve not necessarily attached to the workplace and I think I have gained both insight and confidence to achieve them and really enjoy the journey.

I am approaching a crossroads in my working life and your insight has been invaluable as I consider which route to take. I look forward very much to continuing our work together.

" The Talent Development programme run by Oxford Psychometrics at my organisation gave me the opportunity to stop and think about my current role. To offload, to a professional and sympathetic listener, the stresses and frustrations of the job, to then enable me to establish those elements that I found rewarding and positively challenging.


The information provided in my individual analysis report, clearly illustrated my specific skills set and personal strengths. Discussing this with Dr Chintha Dissanayake was a very positive experience and I left the interview with a better understanding of my specific skills and, most importantly, a renewed confidence in my abilities. 


As a result I have re-evaluated my current position, decided I not only need and want to make a change, but am confident and able to do so.  I have a clear idea of what I want to do and how my personal skills set will enable me to do this successfully. I have updated my CV and am actively seeking that new job that will enable me to fulfil the potential highlighted by this programme. Working with Dr Chintha Dissanayake has given me the confidence and belief to take this step and start a new, exciting chapter in my career ".

Caren  2016

Experienced Senior Lecturer



I have found Chintha Dissanayake at Oxford Psychometrics to be an exceptionally helpful guide in thinking about my work path. She brings acute observation, a warm sense of fun, an instinctive approach, intelligence grounded in a breadth of experience, balanced communication and great listening skills to bear on your situation and potential. I came away from the first session feeling elated, and with a sneaking suspicion that it was all too good to be true. I have since found that my trust was well placed. If you're feeling unsure of your next move, or need confidence, insight and advice to take a step forward in your chosen direction, I strongly recommend her services.

Zoë    2015

Artist & Writer


" With a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and exploring a few roles such as an HR Administrator for Oxford University and Admissions officer at Kings Language School, I was left feeling that my career was still not heading in the right direction!

Using psychometrics, Chintha quickly pointed out my strengths and potential areas of my personality that might be holding me back. Together we opened ways to move forward and succeed along the right path.

I soon had a job offer, but I was not certain I should accept it. Chintha helped me to clearly identify the positive skills I could obtain if I decided to accept the role, as well as the negatives. Even though it was not a perfect match for me, I decided to accept the offer as Chintha had given me confidence and a clear understanding that I was going for this role to acquire relevant skills, required to develop my future career path.

At that time, I also had an idea for developing my own business and so we discussed step by step action points to kick start the process. Chintha identified a need for a mentor and role model in my life and after approaching a few connections, I found the right person to guide me.

After every session with Chintha, I was left feeling inspired and fully equipped with new skills to help me progress along my newfound career path.


I can highly recommend Chintha to everyone who is looking to find their direction or steer their professional life in a different direction".

Agata  2015

Oxford UK


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