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Oxford Psychometrics Ltd



  • Oxford Psychometrics Ltd specialises in the provision of individual and organisational Talent Assessment and Development solutions.

  • Our data processing is limited to the information necessary to provide services to our customers and individual clients.

  • Oxford Psychometrics Ltd is registered and fully compliant with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) which is reviewed annually.

Data Controller

The Data Controller is Dr Chintha Dissanayake, Director of Oxford Psychometrics Ltd. 

Access to Data

Data users, with access to relevant electronic and paper records, are limited to:

  • Dr.Chintha Dissanayake, Director

  • Select associates providing services on behalf of Oxford Psychometrics Ltd.


Customers and Clients

For the purposes of this policy, data subjects will be:

  • A ‘customer’, representing an organisation who contracts with Oxford Psychometrics Ltd for the provision of group or individual services

  • A ‘client’, representing an individual who contracts directly with Oxford Psychometrics Ltd to receive one-to-one services, or is an individual within a contracting customer’s organisation.


Relevant Data

Relevant data to be processed will mainly include, but will not be limited to, the following:

  • Information on clients, provided by the clients

  • Names / job titles / sections worked in / e-mail addresses of clients engaging the services of Oxford Psychometrics Ltd

  • Names / work phone numbers / e-mail addresses of individual clients

  • CVs and personal information forwarded by clients to Oxford Psychometrics Ltd for information purposes during a coaching intervention

  • Electronic records of coaching interventions with clients, which are copied to the clients

  • E-mails between Oxford Psychometrics Ltd, its customers, and its clients, before, during, and after, a learning and development intervention

  • Success stories and references provided by customers and clients

  • Confidential organisational data provided by customers to enable Oxford Psychometrics Ltd's understanding of the customer’s business

  • Records – phone, conversations, meetings – relating to the conduct of the business with the customer or client

  • Visual recordings of interventions with customers and clients, such recordings being made with the explicit consent of the customer and individual clients

  • Audio recordings of interventions with customers and clients, such recordings being made with the explicit consent of the customer and individual clients.

  • It is not anticipated that sensitive personal data in connection with individuals will be collected, nor will any type of telecommunication be monitored or intercepted.


Retention of Relevant Data

Retention periods of data will vary with the data in question:

  • Any training / coaching information– up to one year after the intervention

  • Anonymised data may be kept for research purposes 

  • All records relating to an ongoing contract with a customer – up to three years after the termination of the contract

  • All records relating to the provision of one-to-one services – up to two years after the cessation of the intervention

  • Success stories and references may be held indefinitely, with the explicit permission of client to retain or remove and any client identifying information, in advance.

  • Confidential data will be shredded and / or incinerated on disposal.


Processing of Data

All data will be processed in line with The Data Protection Act 1998, as applicable.


The confidentiality of its customers and clients is of paramount importance to Oxford Psychometrics Ltd. The following will be ensured, either directly by the Director, or by the select associates, providing services under Oxford Psychometric's name:

  • The rights to confidentiality, for all parties, will be established at the onset of every new business relationship, and 1-1 or group intervention

  • Any form of discussion about a customer or client experience (with a group or individual for learning purposes, or with a mentor as part of coaching supervision) will not include any identifying details, unless explicit consent has been given by such customer or client in advance. This includes where customers are paying for coaching interventions for individual staff within their organisation

  • Any agreement to publish identifiable data about a customer or client, for example success stories and references in marketing publications or on a website, will be with the explicit consent of the customer or client in advance.



Useful Links

The Data Protection Act 1998
The Human Rights Act 1998
The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998
The Telecommunications (Lawful Business Practice) Regulations 2000

Last reviewed: May 2018

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