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Workplace Mediation Services

Workplace & Employment mediation can resolve workplace disputes of any nature early preventing the need for the expense, time and hassle of Court or an Employment Tribunal, as well as save wasted manpower and resources of external departments such as HR, management, legal and unions.

As we spend most of our time at work it is desirable to have it as pleasant as possible. However, despite the best of intentions we are all different, we all have different strengths, weaknesses, personalities, ambitions, belief systems and values and deal with issues better or worse than others, with so many conflicting issues in the mix it is inevitable that many of us will at some point during our working life will experience a situation leading to conflict with another employee, employer.


Workplace mediation aims to resolve disputes over bullying, harassment, victimisation and personality clashes between work colleagues.

If a workplace dispute is left unresolved it can often lead to detrimental effects; and longer the conflict is left unresolved, it can lead to;

  • Further bullying, harassment, feeling isolated and alone

  • Reduced productivity

  • Low morale

  • Alliances formed, sides taken, which side do you take, how do you keep out of it, perhaps you can’t?

  • Bonds, friendships, relationships ruined in a split second which took years to form

  • The victim leaves, goes on long term sick due to stress

  • Careers ruined

  • Rigid grievance and disciplinary processes forced on people as the only escape, which do not really address the key issues

  • Wasted manpower, resources, a domino effect on external departments, those not involved are brought in with a view to assist in resolving the dispute, HR, management, unions, legal

  • If left for too long, there becomes a point of no return where pre existing relationships cannot be fixed


Workplace mediation therefore can prevent the escalation of conflict . Being quick, flexible and voluntary, it effectively remove the barriers that have led to people becoming entangled in a dispute, paving the way for broken relationships to be mended. In mediation, the involved parties become responsible for coming up with effective solutions for working with one another.

We have the expertise and experience to help you resolve your workplace conflict and help you come up with win:win solutions whilst saving you money, time and stress.

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